9 Free eBooks on Social Media : A Beginner’s Guide

by Hough on March 20, 2011

Social media, now days a major thing that is growing very fastly. Each and every phase has competition. In this world of cyber WAR, Social media very helpful for getting Popular easily. so, to learn how to, where and what about Social Media, the following 9 free eBooks might help you.


1.Social Media Marketing GPS

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Social Media Marketing GPS is based on Twitter interviews with 40 of the smartest people working in social media such as Toby Bloomberg of Diva Marketing Blog, Ann Handley of Marketing Profs Daily Fix, Scott Monty of the Social Media Marketing Blog, Mack Collier of  MackCollier.com, David Meerman Scott from WebInkNow and many more.

It’s the first business book written on and not about Twitter. Not only that, but the entire book is written in a 140 characters or less, including the questions. The book begins with an explanation of why include social media and moves on to cover ethics, tactics, research, metric, branding, sponsored conversations, blogger relations and even a few case studies.


Download this eBook from Here.


2. Four Hour Sleep Week

Four Hour Sleep Week,seo ebooks,social media

The Four Hour Sleep Week is about how Keith Bloemendaal lost his job in 2008 and decided to sacrifice, take action, and become successful. It is a no-holds barred look at how the misconceptions of how it is “easy” to make a living online can steer people in the wrong direction.

The book starts with a closer look at how he transformed from an unemployed father and husband, into a successful internet marketer. What steps he took, and how he did it.

Probloggers like Darren Rowse, David Risley, Daniel Scocco, Nathan Hangen and a few others also helped contribute to this book by revealing what they had to do to build their online businesses.


Download this eBook from Hot Blog Tips.


3. 101 Ways You’re Killing Your Blog


101 Ways You’re Killing Your Blog,blogsolve,social media,seo,ebooks


101 Ways You’re Killing Your Blog! is an eBook by Tristan Higbee, author of the popular blog, Blogging Bookshelf. Higbee has also written a similar and also incredibly helpful eBook called 101 Ways to Combat Blogger’s Block.

101 Way’s You’re Killing Your Blog! identifies the best and worst practices in building a blog. It’s a kind of Holy Grail of the Do’s and Don’ts of blogging. It’s a very insightful and easy-to-read document filled with 100 plus useful tips based on Higbee’s personal experiences as well as his accumulated knowledge over his 7 years of living and working in the blogosphere.


Download this eBook from Blogging Bookshelf.


4. Communicate Better With Social Media Marketing

Communicate Better With Social Media Marketing,Social Media,seo,

Communicate Better With Social Media Marketing by AuthorityDomains.com is intended to help you develop the right strategy, discover the best sites for your industry and use them to get the results you want. The eBook utilizes a hypothetical approach all while giving readers an excellent fundamental understanding of how Social Media can be used to benefit a business today. Topics covered include:

  • Building long-lasting relationships with your customers
  • Driving qualified traffic to your site
  • Test marketing a new idea and obtaining feedback from the public
  • Controlling reputation and improving ROI
  • Becoming more influential in your field


Download eBook from Authority Domains.


5. From Stats to Strats


From Stats to Strats,social media,seo,blogsolve

From Stats to Strats is an eBook by Danny Brown’s popular Bonsai Interactive Marketing company. This short and easy-to-follow eBook shares some of the more useful statistics of the 5 most popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Blogging), as well as the many ways you can use this information to build a social media strategy into your other marketing efforts.


Download eBook from Danny Brown.


6. Fishing Where the Fish Are: Mapping Social Media to the Buying Cycle.

Fishing Where the Fish Are: Mapping Social Media to the Buying Cycle,social media,seo,ebooks

Fishing Where the Fish Are: Mapping Social Media to the Buying Cycle is an eBook by the famous Chris Brogan.

Social media offers tools like blogging, podcasts, and social networks as ways to reach into this buying cycle. Social Media does not work alone and is tied into your traditional marketing plans. This eBook is a brief summary of six different approaches to using social media to influence these transactions.

Also featured in this book are well-known peeps like Scott  Monty, Frank Eliason, Christopher S. Penn and more.

Download this eBook from Chris Brogan.


7. Social Media for B2B: It’s Not As Different As You Think

Social Media for B2B,social media,ebooks,seo



Social Media for B2B: It’s Not As Different As you Think is one of many eBooks by Radian6.

This eBook explains why the processes for social media program development for B2B and B2C organizations are not as different as most people think. The book walks through some of the aspects of B2B and B2C business that have a direct impact on social media program execution, those bits that might very well be different.

The similarities and stick points of social media strategy development for B2B companies, the tactics as well as general examples to show that social media for B2B and B2C are really quite similar, have intelligently been pin pointed.


Download this eBook from Radian6.

8.The Art of Corporate Blogging

The Art of Corporate,Blogging,seo,social media,ebooks

The Art of Corporate Blogging is another of Radian6?s monthly eBooks.

If you’re interested to start blogging for your business, or already are and aren’t seeing the results you want, then this eBook is perfect for you. It covers everything from figuring out exactly why you want to start a corporate blog to handling some of the challenges you might face after it’s up and running.

There’s also an entire section dedicated to setting goals and objectives and selecting the right metrics to properly measure your blog’s progress.


Download this eBook from Radian6.


9. Let’s Talk: Social Media for Small Businesses V.2

Let’s Talk: Social Media for Small Businesses V.2

When used properly, social media can be an effective tool to help your business reach untapped, potential customers and stay connected to the ones you already have. In this updated version of Duct Tape Marketing’s eBook, Let’s Talk: Social Media for Small Business, author John Jantsch, distills the concept of social media into bite-sized concepts.

This eBook will help you better understand how social networking tools can generate new business and more.

Download this eBook from Duct Tape Marketing.

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My Take: “This Nine eBooks are very useful for all, who are beginner’s or who want to increase PR of their sites. so, just download it, its free and very useful eBooks!!”

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