how to create a perfect blogpost?

by Hough on December 3, 2011

every one in the blogging world are seeking for traffic, but only few gets it. as that few people doing some thing different from others.perfect blog post

here i giving some tips to create unique and different blog post or say Perfect blog-post.

Here are a few tips that makes your content lovable :

  • No spell/grammatical¬† errors
  • Content Divided into modules
  • Use bullet points to enhance reader retention
  • Deliver what your title indicates

SEO tips for perfect blogpost :

  • adding title tag.
  • different description for different pages.
  • keyword research.
  • title tag in images
  • title tag in every link of post.
  • <b></b> (bold) tag to every keywords that you are focusing.

Image optimization:

  • alt=” tag to every image.
  • title tag to every image.
  • keyword related name to image.
  • low size image.
  • great quality image.
  • format of image file.
  • more details at

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