3 Effective SEO tips to over come after the Panda Update

by Hough on November 27, 2011

Google Panda was the Disaster for many of my friend’s Blog, as it just BAD BAD for their blog Traffic.3 Effective SEO tips to over come after the Panda Update

After Google Panda’s 14th October Update, one of my blog, who had a great Traffic getting very low traffic? After Lots of Research work, i got something that might help you to over come the Panda update.

Here are some SEO tips that will help you to over come the panda effect to your blog.

1). Content

Content is the most important for your blog. now you will say whats new in this? but the new thing is there should be HIGH quality Content that gain more Quality traffic to your blog. Deleting low Quality Content is the best way to over the panda effect, if your blog includes.

You can also simply make “noindex” to your old posts if they not getting good traffic in last month. ( you can use Google webmaster tool to know which pages had low traffic or none.)

if some of the pages have very low traffic or they are important for your blog, then you can update this pages by adding or deleting some useful/useless content from it.

2). Keywords

Keyword optimization is much and must thing to over come from the Google panda. use Google paralytics, Google ad words keyword tool.

You can also use some paid software like Market samurai or Micro niche finder to target low competition keyword related to your niche.

Research out 5-10 long tail keywords, low search volume would do better.

Targeting log tail keywords will helps you a lot to gain more traffic.

Write minimum 500-600 words a post to get more traffic from Long tail keywords.

3). Linking

I have seen many of the blogger who do not care about the “link juice”.  The main reason behind this is a they don’t Link the pages to high authority sites.

I would advice is place a link or two to high authority websites in your niche. no matter what your niche is, you should make at least 1 link to Wikipedia or some other sites like that.

Adding Images and Videos can also good for your blog if your targeting some image search type of keywords.

Inter link the pages can improve your Rankings too.

Done for today! Hope these 3 SEO tips can change your blog traffic statistics. Do not panic. Just work hard and wait for some times. it will work for you!

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