Quick seo for wordpress blogs

by Hough on December 23, 2011

Quick seo for wordpress blogsToday, every one is making blogs, sites on WordPress, as it is the one of the easiest and affordable way to make blogs and sites. WordPress provide great user interface, user friendly things that user don’t need to do much hard work to set up a website or blog. so for every WordPress users there are some basic things to do that they left to do, here is 5 Quick seo for wordpress blogs.

#1: Be visible

Mainly Fantastico and cPanel installers — block WordPress from search engines, so go to settings>> privacy and turn on visibility of your WordPress blog/site.

#2: SEO plugin

After installing WordPress, every one worried for SEO. so install a plugin for your site/blog’s SEO. All in one SEO or SEO for WordPress (Yoast) plugins are best. SEO for WordPress comes with good functionality, better then All in one SEO.

#3:  Submit your Sitemap in Google Webmaster tools

After installing, you need to submit Sitemap for your site in Google webmaster tools for better indexing of your page and to know any Errors in your site. SEO for WordPress plugin has functionality to generate automatic sitemaps,if you are not using SEO for WordPress, then google for automatic sitemap generater.

#4. Add Google Analytics code

Google Paralytics will help you to know and track your visitors. you can also use other traffic tracker codes but Google Analytics is Best and Recommended. so go for the Google Analytics.

#5: Permalinks Setting

After All this setting, its time to post your thoughts on net. before that do the Permalinks setting for SEO friendly link. for that you need to go in Settings>>permalinks and add a custom permalinks, %postname% is recommended.

Hope this 5 tips, SEO for WordPress blogs, will help you to bring you new height. ALL the best!

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