6 Google Places SEO Tips

by Hough on December 23, 2011

From the time when Google’s launch of Place Search, a special new show for business listings appearing when users submit search queries related to local businesses, I’ve seen a visible spike in attention on various websites and forums in how to come into view higher on the results pages. An amount of small business owners predominantly seem to have awakened to understand a need for local search engine optimization or we can say “local SEO”. Local SEO have mad lots of HIVE in Business people specially the Small Business owner who are targeting Local Market for their Business.6 Google Places SEO Tips

Here I suggesting some Google Places SEO Tips, optimization tips, to get listed TOP in your local Business Keyword that you are targeting for getting Local Business. These optimization tips are some of the best practices i have exposed in locating up Google Place Pages for our clients. Let me share that expertise with you.

Tip #1: List your site in Google Place

Go to Google place and add your Business location exactly same as you listed in your website. Create a Google place page in Google place and claim your site there. The page may even have some photos and some information about the business. But in arrange to truly make your Place Page work for your business you need to claim the listing and build out your profile. Use your exact business name as your place name.

Make sure the “business info” bar at the top of your profile in the Places Dashboard reads – 100% complete. Also make sure you fill out each section inside places – these include Basic Information, Service Areas and Locations, Hours of Operations, Payment Options, Photos, Videos, and Additional Details. Use Standard Name, Address and Phone Number.

One of the big issues local businesses run into when trying to get found online is that different online directories like Google Places, yp.com, superpages, yelp, Yahoo, etc. will each have different information about the business.

Tips #2: List your site in Google MAPS

The biggest factor in pushing a Google local listing up is, MY MAPS. Some may have noticed it, others maybe not. These maps are diamonds. as many people don’t know how to add listing in Google maps, so here i suggest it step by step.

Go to Google Maps. (Whilst signed in), then click on My Maps. Click on lets get started and you should see your MAPs over there, Google Maps.

Once your map is made, it’s now time to go find businesses and places to add to it. First step is to add your own listing! Search for your business on the maps section.

Next few weeks Google will crawl this map. Once its crawled it will attach to your local listing. Soon as this is done, prepare to see your listing rocket up.

Tips #3: Your Keywords in Your Categories

Google gives you 5 chances to fill in categories about your business on your Place Page. On only 1 of these do you have to choose from Google’s drop-down menu of categories, so if you are a electrician in new York, New York specializing in Problem detection you could have category 1 be “electrician” (chosen from the drop-down menu) and category 2 be “problem detection.”

Tips #4: Max use Out of the Additional Details Section

Google Places gives you, the business owner, a blank canvas on how to promote your business with its Additional Details section. I see so many Place Pages that do not use this section at all. That is akin to telling the yellow pages, “No Thanks for the free extra 1/4 of a page, I’ve promoted myself enough with just these 2 lines.”

Tips #5: Get reviews from your clients

Once you made your Google place and Google Maps listing, its time to get some Reviews from your Clients about it. For that you need to follow the Google place guidelines that are listed there by Google place officials. It is essential that you begin to get online reviews.

Tips #6: Make Use of Google Tags

Use coupons and Google Tags to stand out in competitive markets. Another way to stand out is to add a Google Tag. It doesn’t help your ranking (sorry guys), but it does add a nice little eye-catching yellow tag next to your listing and at your marker on the map.  Google Tags cost $25 per month. i think $25 is worth to for getting Targeted Clients.

I hope you people have enjoyed these Google Places SEO Tips (Optimization tips).

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