7 SEO Tips for PPC (Pay-Per-Click Campaigns)

by Hough on December 16, 2011

Nowadays, though, PPC has become a complex science. It’s become a robust program full of useful features for advertisers to maximize ROI and achieve business objectives. It’s certainly more complicated than picking keywords and entering a credit card.7 SEO Tips for PPC (Pay-Per-Click Campaigns)
Here are some SEO Tips for your PPC campaigns to make it more coverings.
1. Don’t Use Broad Match keywords
2. Target Multiple Companies
3. Match landing pages to ads
4. Test ad copy
5. Use some negative keywords
6. Separate Campaigns for Content and Search
7. Rotate your ads
8. Stay Focused on ROI
9. Keep an Eyes on your Competitors
10. Be Proactive, not Reactive
11. Track Conversions
12. Get Comfortable With the Basics First
13. Maximize Quality Score

So these are the SEO Tips for your PPC (Pay-per-click) campaigns. PPC is nowadays a biggest Rewarding thing to do with SEO if you use it more effectively!

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