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Dupefree Pro Review

Dupefree Pro Review

by Hough on October 3, 2012

I’ve been using Dupefree Pro for some time and I have been pleasantly surprised by how useful this software is for re-writing articles and checking for duplicate content as I type. But that’s not all it does.

What is Dupefree Pro

Dupefree pro is similar to Copyscape in that it checks for duplicate content between articles or passages of text. However it does far more than Copyscape. Unlike Copyscape you can edit, rewrite and compare articles side by side and the software will detect duplicate content as you type and highlight any duplicate content with multi-colored highlighting.

Secondly Dupefree Pro is both an offline duplicate content checker, and with the add-on module an online duplicate content checker. Unlike other duplicate content checkers you can customize the duplicate content algorithm thereby controlling how duplicate content is calculated and what precision you prefer. This is essential as duplicate content can get your site penalized by Google and only Google knows what algorithm is used when checking for duplicate content.

Who Needs Dupefree Pro?

Dupefree Pro is not an article spinner. It is aimed at content publishers who prefer to produce quality content by hand. Rewriting content can be an arduous and time consuming process. Dupefree Pro enables you to produce quality content by hand and save time by making it quicker and easier. The new interface aids the creative writing process and makes it easier to compare the articles side by side.

Dupefree Pro can also be used by article marketers. Let’s say you want to write one article for your own site and another re-written article for another site (EzineArticles for example), perhaps with a backlink from that article. You could use an article spinner which would provide a poor ‘re-written’ article, which may not pass human review. Alternatively you could use Dupefree Pro and re-write that article yourself and ensure a quality re-written article that would pass both Google’s duplicate content check and human review.

Keyword Phrase Density

Another great feature of Dupefree Pro I like is the Keyword Phrase Density function which will highlight keywords or keyphrases and provide a count and percentage of how many times that keyword/keyphrase occurs in the article.

This is a useful feature as it keeps track of important keywords and phrases related to your topic and how often they are used  within the text of the article. It also helps to prevent the same keywords or keyphrases appearing too many times thereby appearing spammy to the search engines or human readers.

Using related keyphrases or synonym phrases can increase your search engine rank and increases the chance that search engine users will find your site. For example let’s say you want to rank for the keyphrase “acne treatment”. By including synonym keywords and related key phrases such as “acne therapy”, “acne cure”, “acne treatments”, and “treatment for acne” you have a greater chance of ranking for those keyphrases.

Dupefree pro will:

  • Save you hours of time writing or rewriting articles.
  • Prevent a duplicate content penalty from ruining your site.
  • Make you more money by writing more articles more quickly for your clients or own website.
  • Improve the creative writing process.
  • Target related keywords and boost search engine traffic.
  • Avoid you being sued for copyright infringement


  • Contains features and benefit that other duplicate content checkers do not have. For example customizable duplicate content algorithm.
  • Easy to use clean interface with multi-colored highlighting making it easy to find duplicate content.
  • Add on modules and free Updates with ever improved functionality.


  • Software is still in beta version and may contain some minor bugs
  • May slow down/hang when writing over 3000 word articles with older PCs

As mentioned Dupefree Pro is still in beta version and may contain minor bugs. However the program is still stable and useable. Any bugs will be fixed when Dupefree Pro comes out of beta.

Because it’s in beta version you can currently purchase Dupefree Pro for only $59 instead of $99 .

I’m pleased I’ve allready got my copy of Dupefree Pro as the special offer will expire when DupeFree Pro comes out of beta. If you grab your licenses now you can secure your copy at this price. Buy Dupefree Pro Now

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