Teens of small town got facebookaholic [survey]

by Hough on May 1, 2011

Yes, This is True! Facebook, A leading Social networking site now ruling on your child’s mind – life! According To a survey,held by a Collage Students,to know how facebook affecting teen agers in Vadodara [India]. In this survey, more than 200 students,who studying between 8th to 10th standard got participated. In Addition,to know their parent’s point of view,also joined in survey.And the results are, more that 61% students said that they will be dipress if facebook gone shut down. More than 58 % students said that facebook is now a part of their life, 27% students commited that they feel bad if they don’t update their facebook status once in a day (real addiction).

Facebook Addiction on teens

Now take a look on privacy point discussed in the survey,38% students upload their daily life photographs on FB as soon as possible,22% teens discuss their educational (school) topics on Facebook. In Addition, more than 8% students exchange their class notes on Facebook only.According to survey,most of the teens spending more than four hours on Facebook and the got introvert because of these. 34% teens also said that they add their teachers to their FB list. so in short,FB ruling on your child’s life!

facebook addiction on teens

According to this survey, some positive and negative effects of Facebook on teens are listed below:

Negative Effects:

  1. 35% student’s outdore activity decreses.
  2. 30% decrease in sleeping time of students.
  3. 27% students said that they read less books,news papers and Megazines.
  4. 18% students study time also got decreases.
  5. 28% students talk-time on mobile decreases.

Positive Effects:

  1. 60% students said their Technical skill is improved.
  2. 40% students said that their creativity is more powerful then earlier.
  3. 47% students said that Facebook is knowledge hub for them.

So, is your child a Facebookaholic ?

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