How to Change Line Spacing in Dreamweaver

by Hough on June 25, 2012

How to Change Line Spacing in Dreamweaver Video Tutorial

How to Change Line Spacing in Dreamweaver Instructions

Changing the line spacing in Dreamweaver is made easy using Dreamweavers CSS styles panel

1. If the CSS styles panel is not already visible go to the Windows’s menu and select CSS Styles

2. Using the mouse highlight which element you want to style. For example if you wish to style the paragraph element then highlight text inside a paragraph

3. Click “New CSS Rule” on the CSS Styles Panel
CSS styles panel

4. For the Selector Type choose “Compound” as this will redefine all elements based on that selection.
New CSS Rule

5. For the Rule Definition you can select “This Document Only” or “New Style Sheet File”. The “New Style Sheet File” option has the added benefit of creating an external style sheet which makes it easier to target elements on all pages of your website at once rather than just this page.

6. Click OK

7. The CSS Rule Definition Dialogue Box will appear. You can now define the properties and values for this element. Choose a value next to line-height.
CSS rule definition dialogue box

8. Click OK

9. If you switch to the Code view you can see that an embedded style sheet has been created with a type selector that targets all paragraph elements that are children of the body element.

css code behind

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