How to Create Moving Text in Dreamweaver

by Hough on June 25, 2012

Instructions for Creating Moving Text in Dreamweaver

1. Add the following code to the code behind page:
<marquee behavior=scroll direction="left">Enter Text Here</marquee>

2. Replace the text “Enter Text Here” to include your own text

To style the text do the following:

1. Go to design view and select the text with your mouse

2. In the CSS styles Panel select “New CSS Rule”
CSS styles panel

3. In the CSS Rule Dialogue Box for Selector Type choose “Compound”
New CSS Rule

4. For the Rule Definition select iether “This Document Only” “New Style Sheet File” or select an existing CSS style sheet file

5. Click OK

6. In the CSS Rule Definition Dialogue Box style format the text the way you wish
CSS rule definition dialogue box

7. Click OK

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