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How to Manage your Time Better

How to Manage your Time Better

by Hough on September 21, 2012

ClockThere’s a saying – if you want something done, ask a busy person. Why? – Because those who live busy lives and get more done are better at managing their time and know how to work more efficiently.

Managing your time more effectively will give you more leisure time, enable you to get more done, reduce stress and make you more successful. Here are some tips on how to manage your time better.

Plan your Day

You should spend a few minutes at the beginning of every day to plan your day. This is the most important time of your day as it will enable you to schedule how you will schedule your time and prioritize those tasks that are most urgent.

Set Goals

Action without goals is like steering a ship without a compass. Goal setting provides clarity, drives you forward towards success and gives you focus. It enables you to see how much progress you’ve made and where you are headed. Another benefit of goal setting is that achieving your goals gives you the confidence and enthusiasm to set more goals and bigger goals for yourself in the future so you achieve even more

  •   Set a completion date for those goals as this give you a sense of urgency and helps avoid procrastination.
  • Break a goal down into smaller goals or tasks makes the goals seem more achievable and helps you to see exactly what steps you need to take to attain your goal.
  • Write those tasks and goals down as this helps crystalize those task and goals and makes committing to them easier.

Practice Selective Ignorance

Selective ignorance is the practice of selectively ignoring distracting, irrelevant, or otherwise unnecessary information according to Tim Ferris – Author of The 4-hour Workweek. Living in the information age often results in information overload. When getting a job done focus on the information that is essential and ignore the rest.

Eliminate distractions

Stop checking emails, social media and only deal with distractions that assist you in achieving your goal. If you work in front of a computer consider a spam filter to save time otherwise spent sorting out unwanted emails and make sure you have up to date anti-virus software to prevent the time and money spent ridding your PC of viruses.

Become Motivated

A lack of motivation can lead to procrastination and ineptitude. So how do you become more motivated?

Visualization: Visualization is a powerful technique. You become and accomplish what you think about. By thinking about something with clarity and intensity, it is more likely to become reality and be brought about faster. Visualize the benefits of achieving your goals and what you must do to achieve them.

Desire: By developing intense desire you overcome fear and inertia holding you back. Since every decision you make is made on the bases of emotion, either fear or desire and since the stronger emotion overcomes the weaker emotion, by developing intense burning desire you will override the fear or inertia holding you back.

Belief: You must remain confident and optimistic in the face of adversity and be absolutely convinced that you can achieve the goals you set for yourself. Napoleon Hill wrote, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Or as Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

Prioritize Tasks

Prioritizing tasks is necessary to reduce stress by completing those tasks that are causing you the most concern or the tasks that are the most important. If you fail to complete all of the tasks you have set for yourself in that day at least you will have completed the most urgent tasks before you run out of time.

The Best Tool For Managing Your Time

Swift to do list screenshotA tool I have found essential to managing, scheduling and prioritizing my time is a light-weight software program called Swift to-do list. Now I have used it I don’t know what I would do without it. It has made organization, prioritizing my time and keeping track of tasks a breeze. With pop up reminders I never miss an important appointment.

It is easy to forget a thought or task and difficult to keep track of all of them. With swift to do list you can add an unlimited number of tasks, arrange them in order of importance, type, completion date and then find and filter them quickly. Unlike other time management programs that are bulky and messy Swift to-do list provides a clean and tidy interface. Swift to-do list is not just a time management program for managing your own time and the time of team members. It can also be used for note taking and non-actionable information.

If you want a tool that will reduce procrastination, increase productivity and efficiency and save time and money consider swift to do list. Check out my video review of Swift to-do list to learn more.

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Mitch Mitchell September 28, 2012 at 3:31 am

When I’m most productive I’m scheduling my days, but I do it the night before instead of the same day. That way I plan when I wake up and, unless I have a meeting, know that I should do my back exercises before I even think of doing anything else. It’s also easy for me to prioritize the night before instead of the same day; not sure why that is. I have a set of alarms but I’m still using the Palm system for that.


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