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How to use Clickbank Without a Website

How to use Clickbank Without a Website

by Hough on September 28, 2012

Can you make money with Clickbank without your own website?
The short answer to this question is yes, however if you are really serious about making money as an affiliate marketer it’s a good idea to own your own website. Firstly how can you make money with Clickbank without a website?

Without a Website

There are a number of options for those who do not want to invest the time or money creating their own site.

Build a Website for Free
One option is blogger.com as it gives you the ability to set up a site within minutes. Another two are Tumblr.com and WordPress.com. WordPress gives you the ability to create your own blog without even downloading, uploading and setting up WordPress on your host. The downside is that WordPress.com is like blogger in that you don’t technically own the website and domain. The alternative is buying a domain name for a few dollars a year, downloading the blog engine from wordpress.org and uploading to your own host.

There are lots of tools for building free websites. These are not quite so permanent than if you have your own domain and if those services ever go out of business or are sold off that can negatively affect you.

Having a free website can be a great way of finding out what products have a good conversion rate before investing the time and effort in buying and creating your own site. You could try selling products in different niches until you’ve found out what products to promote on a your own website

Another method is to embed your affiliate link within the description of a Youtube video. This method may make some sales if you can get enough views. For that you will need a Youtube video that goes viral. However the conversation rate for affiliate products promoted through Youtube is very low! This is because most of the YouTube viewers are casual surfers and not in buying mood. Consider shortening the URL using tinyurl.com.

Facebook PPC advertising enables you to promote affiliate products via Facebook ads. However Facebook doesn’t like Clickbank. It’s best to use your own landing page and send traffic to the vendor from there otherwise you could face problems getting your ad accepted.

Article marketing
This is probably the most effective way of promoting clickbank products without a website. Many sites enable you to post articles you have written yourself with a link at the end of the article to either your own site or the merchant’s site. Unfortunately Ezine Articles does not allow affiliate links in either the article body or the resource box. One way of getting around Ezine Article’s no affiliate rule is to buy your own domain name and forward/redirect the domain to the vendor’s site. You can do this through Domain Daddy. Buy a .info domain extension as they are much cheaper than .com or .net.

Adding your Clickbank affiliate links to forum posts is tricky, however if the forum thread is right on topic you may get away with it, particularly if you are able to shorten the affiliate link to disguise the fact that it is an affiliate link.

With a Website

Buying and owning your own website enables you to build a following, get free traffic via the search engines and lets you experiment with Google Adwords. In most cases Google won’t let you send traffic directly to the vendor through Google’s ads. You must own a website where you can review a product you’ve purchase and send them on using your hotlink to the vendor’s website.

Having your own website is a long term strategy because even if you decide to promote different products or test out new products it gives you a platform to do just that. With your own website you have more control over the content and the traffic than if you are sending people directly to the vendor. It is easier to make changes should the affiliate products change and you can build an email list of people interested in finding out more about what you have to say.

To create your own website I recommend buying your own domain name first and paying for hosting. That way both the domain and the hosting is under your control. It will give you a permanent presence, and with a little effort you will show up in the search engine results.

An easy way of creating your own website is to install and setup a blog such as WordPress as it does not require any web design or programming knowledge. There are many added features and functionality with blogs such as plugins and themes. Make sure you download the latest version of WordPress from WordPress.org and upload it to your host provider. A lot of hosts such as Godaddy or Hostgator allow you to install WordPress for free on their website and they handle the automatic installation for you.

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