Lightbox alternatives

by Hough on May 16, 2011

Presenting your data with some innovative approach is always a key for good web developer. Lightbox is one superb script which has been used in thousands of websites to showcase big size images and content in funky way. We must thank Lokesh Dhakar original creator of Lightbox for that. However with many new Javascript libraries coming more and more such scripts get developed. Here are some of the funkiest collection of Lightbox alternative which you can use to present content of your site in more efficient way.

1. Fancybox

Fancybox uses Jquery library. And it can showcase, Image, Image galleries, Iframe , swf object, Inline module window and plenty more things.
You can find over here, Fancybox

2. Colorbox

Colorbox is also uses Jquery library. And its very low in size compared to Fancybox. Also, it has all the feature of Fancybox.
You can find over here, Colorbox

3. Facebox

Facebox is powered by Jquery as well. It’s just of 7.1KB in size. And do all the job of above two scripts easily. It’s really impressive considering its low size.
You can get it over here, Facebox

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