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6 MLM Tips and Secrets that will make you More Money

6 MLM Tips and Secrets that will make you More Money

by Hough on October 31, 2012

Here are 6 MLM tips that will help you produce more leads, increase conversion rates and boost sales. These marketing tips will work for just about any MLM company or internet marketing business.

1. Choose a Company Carefully

Don’t buy into a company based on emotion. Look at the company and their products or services. Do you have an affiliation for their products or services? Do you have an alignment with their core values? Would you feel happy recommending them to your mother? A business that lacks substance or does not provide a high value product won’t last and it won’t make you money over the long term.

Look at their track record. Check out the Better Business Bureau to see if the company has any complaints. How long have they been around, what kind of leadership team do they have?

At the end of the day any company or product you recommend is going to have a direct reflection on your reputation. You don’t want to ruin your reputation or the relationships you’ve made with your prospects.

2. Dedicate Time to your Team Wisely

Don’t waste time babysitting your team. You are not a technical support desk, or there to answer silly questions. There are numerous third party tools and services out there you can direct team members to. Use webinars and group training calls as a way of better managing your time. The internet provides a ton of tools and resources and technical support for marketers – just Google it.

One-on-one support does have its place and can be critical when recruiting new members who require help getting started. This can be done with one to one coaching face to face or via Skype.

It is also important to focus your attention on highly motivated members of your team – the movers and shakers. These are people who are making things happening in the business. They will generate leads and make money.

You should concentrate with your inner circle who is actually taking action. Remember many people won’t take action. They won’t develop leads or market their business online.

Don’t shut those out who are not so productive or motivated. You should still answer emails and calls but don’t get sucked in trying to micromanage your team or trying to solve technical problems that can be dealt with elsewhere.

3. Manage your Own Time Effectively

Don’t get caught up checking, Facebook, twitter, youtube videos or other online activities. It can be very distracting and consume your time. Set aside a specific time for these activities. The rest should be just for work.

Planning your day, setting goals, prioritizing tasks and eliminating distractions are all powerful methods for making you more productive and helping you avoid procrastination. For more advice check this post on how to manage your time better.

4. Leverage the Power of the Internet

Offline network marketing still works and is important but with the internet you have great systems that can leverage your business and automate the whole process.

If you own a website or a blog you could provide a series of video tutorials to help new members get started or webinars to conduct live meetings, training, or presentations via the Internet. Each participant can sit at his or her own computer and is connected to other participants via the internet

You could also provide an opt in list on your website whereby you give something away for free in return for a prospects name and email address. Email marketing is a very powerful tool for generating leads and can produce high conversion rates if utilized correctly.

5. Coach and Train as many People as Possible

The more value you put out the more return you will make and the more people that will want to join your business. Look to help people succeed and you will succeed. You must lead and sponsor by value, be unique and be yourself, go the extra mile.

Whether you are engaging in one-to-one training and advice or using training videos and webinars to answer questions and solve problems, make sure you are providing some really good value. They will appreciate you for it and it will go a long way.

6. Provide Extra Incentives for Joining

One great way to entice people to join your network rather than your competitors is to give them extra incentives for joining and signing up under you. These could be bonus products, tools or services provided for free or at a discount. With online network marking this could involve training videos, eBooks, auto responders or web tools and services.  You can also sell these to your current network making you extra money.

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