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Niche Profit Classroom 4.0 Video Review – Pros and Cons

Niche Profit Classroom 4.0 Video Review – Pros and Cons

by Hough on October 22, 2012

Here is my honest Review of Niche Profit Classroom 4.0. I will try and cover as much as possible but keep the review as brief as possible. I recommend you read the whole review as it will give you a good overview of what the site has to offer.

Niche Profit Classroom was created by Adam Short who is a successful internet marketer. Niche Profit Classroom provides tools, coaching, software, video courses and ready-made resources designed to help you:

  • Find niche keywords to target.
  • Create niche websites.
  • Rank in the search engines.
  • Market products effectively (Opt in lists, high converting sales letters, email marketing etc).
  • Outsource work and build your business.

The site is aimed towards both affiliates and vendors and I would say they are more geared towards those with basic to intermediate knowledge of internet marketing. However there are tools and resources that would benefit an experienced internet marketer. Niche profit classroom is only $1.00 for the first 2 weeks, $67.00 per month thereafter.

First off I was a bit disappointed they didn’t offer PayPal or Clickbank when signing up. I hate giving away my card details online, even if it is a reputable website. However the site is indeed secured with SSL encryption. You can see this for yourself in Firefox next to the URL on the left hand site:

After Signup

As soon as I signed up I was taken to a page where Adam Short offers a one-time offer that you only see just after you sign up. He offer’s 10 ready-made niche businesses which he claims are hand-picked 2.0 niche businesses and proven money makers built from an in-house team of writers, researchers, copywriters and designers.

Each niche business comes with:

  • Information product (eBook) over 70 pages of content
  • Email mini-course (he claims it has a 10% conversion rate)
  • SEO optimized articles (written by a team of his writers)
  • Keyword lists based on the MoneyWord Matrix (based on his break through money matrix concept)
  • Customized 21-Day traffic blueprint (21 day strategy for getting traffic to your site from the search engines)
  • Professionally written sales letter designed to convert visitors to buyers

He also claims you can have these Niche profit websites up and running in minutes and that they have a proven track record of making money. While all of this sounds great, $247 seems like a lot of money for 10 niches, plus you will be competing with other members who signed up to this “one-time offer”. If the articles are not re-written this could result in a duplicate content penalty. Secondly as a member you receive 2 ready-made niche businesses every month anyway.

Niche Profit Classroom Membership Page

Inside the Niche Profit Classroom membership page I was impressed by the amount that is on offer. They provide step by step video training, webinars, software, tools, hosting, ready-made niche businesses, and a great tool for finding niche keywords called Keyword Advantage. There is also a forum and question and answer video section. This means there is a level of interaction between members and those running the site which adds credibility and legitimacy.

I liked the Question and Answer Screencasts where members can ask questions relating to internet marketing and the methods taught at NPC and receive a comprehensive screencast video response by NPC Coach and online marketer Jenna Scaglione.

Niche Profit Training

The Niche Profit Training area of the site provides a few hours’ worth of video tutorials. There are 4 different video courses:

  • Niche Profit Shortcut: Provides a blueprint for building small, simple websites and generating through Google adsense)
  • Niche Profit Affiliate Mastery (Single Product): A blueprint for creating simple affiliate websites focusing on a single, hot-selling product.
  • Niche Profit Affiliate Master (Multiple Product): A step-by-step blueprint for creating profit-producing review websites that promote multiple physical products in a single niche.
  • Niche Profit Vendor Mastery: A step-by-step process for profiting online as a product owner. A blueprint for creating and selling your own eBook, running an affiliate program through ClickBank and automation

The videos include advice on choosing a niche and ranking those sites in Google, creating a high converting sales letter and opt in list, effective email marketing and also advice on outsourcing work. The videos also explain how to use Niche Profit Press – A tool for quickly creating basic websites without requiring knowledge of HTML or CSS.

Unfortunately the videos on back linking recommend consistently using your niche keywords you want to rank for as the anchor text in your backlinks. This is a definite no-no with the Google penguin update as this looks spammy and will harm your search engine rank.

Adam Short also recommends creating dozens of small niche websites using exact match domains. For example if you wanted to rank for the Key phrase “Aquarium LED lighting” you would buy the domain www.AquariumLEDLighting.com. Assuming there wasn’t too much competition it should be easy to get such a site ranked high in the search engines. The reality is that the benefit of having an EMD is gone and has been devalued by Google. They are now much harder to rank for.

Because of this bad advice it’s obvious that some of the advice regarding SEO in the Niche Profit Training section is currently a few months out of date and will need updating.

However both the Webinars and Blog provide up to date information on SEO and Google updates which are very fast changing. In fact one of the webinars goes into great detail on how to fix a site negatively affected by the recent penguin update.

Niche Profit Press

Niche Profit Press is basically a website building tool designed to build small, basic websites quickly and easily that generate income through Google Adsense or affiliate products. It was designed for those who have no knowledge of HTML or CSS. With niche profit press you can easily make changes to the formatting of the text, the design of the site, the meta tags and site content. Niche Profit Press also provides a number of options for how you want to publish a site.

Niche Profit Press is great if you have no knowledge of HTML or CSS and want to create simple, plain sites that are easy for Google to crawl and follow basic guidelines for AdSense.

I personally recommend a WordPress blog for your niche site. The advantage of WordPress is that you have the option of adding many different plugins which give your site more functionality. There are also many themes to choose from that can give your site a more professional look. Also WordPress requires little or no knowledge of HTML/CSS unless you want to adapt the ready-made WordPress themes.

So long as you use some common sense regarding site design there are many other tools and services out there that that enable you to create websites quickly so you can focus most of your time on content creation. I don’t personally use Niche Profit Press as I prefer using WordPress.

Keyword Advantage Tool

The Keyword Advantage tool is one of the best tools Niche Profit Classroom has to offer. The tool uses data extracted from Google Adwords and Google search results and calculates the best niche keywords to target based on factors such as competition, number of searches, pagerank, search results and Cost per Click data. It is essential to do keyword research before creating a post on your blog or creating a niche website and this tool makes that process a whole lot easier. I go into greater detail in the video on this page.

Niche Profit Classroom Pros and Cons


  • Provides a Great Tool called Keyword Advantage for finding niche keywords using adwords data.
  • Provides some great videos on creating an opt in list, email marketing and creating a high converting sales letter
  • The webinars, forum and Question and Answer section adds credibility and legitimacy to the site.


  • Some of the advice in the video training courses on Search Engine Optimization is outdated due to various Google Algorithm updates in the last few months.
  • The tool for finding available Exact Match Domain’s is worthless as EMDs no longer provide an SEO benefit (In my opinion).

I recommend trying Niche Profit Classroom 4.0 for 2 weeks as it only costs a dollar and you will learn a lot in that time. If you don’t want to continue with the free trial you can always quit. You can start your free trial by clicking on the following link:

Start your Niche Profit Classroom free trial.

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