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Swift To-Do List Video Review | $30 Discount Offer

Swift To-Do List Review

by Hough on June 4, 2012

Thinking of buying Swift To-Do List? This is the only place where you can receive a discount off your purchase. There is no promo code or coupon code. Just follow the two simple steps below and receive up to $30 off your purchase of Swift To-Do list.

I’m offering $30 rebate via PayPal for the Swift to-do list Ultimate Version ($119.95 instead of $149.95) or $20 rebate if you purchase the Swift to-do list Professional version ($69.99 instead of $89.99).

STEP ONE: Click [this link] and Purchase Swift To-Do List Professional or Ultimate. You can do this before or after the 30 day free trial. Make sure to clear your cookies first (I have to be credited with the sale in order to give you the rebate). (***VERY IMPORTANT: If you’ve already downloaded the trial version of Swift to-do lists, you MUST use a DIFFERENT e-mail address and download Swift to-do list again through my link).

The email you use  is tagged with whomever’s link you first clicked on before mine and is hard-coded into their system. In which case, I will not get credit for your purchase. When in doubt, just use a new e-mail address to sign up under my link.)

STEP TWO: Forward the payment confirmation email to postmaster@blogsolve.com and provide your Paypal email.

Once you have forwarded the receipt to my email address you will receive a payment to your Paypal account. Note, you must have a Paypal account and provide me with your Paypal email to receive the rebate. The rebate is only available for the Professional and Ultimate versions and it may take up to 24 hours for me to process the rebate.

If for some reason you find that Swift To-Do List is not for you and request a refund, please refund the rebated amount back to me. Thank you!

*** Limited Time Offer – Act Now! ***

Swift to do list screenshot


Why I Love Swift To-Do List

I’ve been using Swift to-do list for some time now and have come to realize just how useful the program is for organizing and managing my time and others. More features have been added with the updates, yet with all these features swift to-do list is still able to maintain the simplicity and user-friendliness that many time management software programs lack. I also like the fact that it is light-weight and loads up instantly. I just click the icon in the taskbar or press the hot key and I can type out a task or memo quickly so I don’t lose or forget it.

It’s important to state that Swift To-Do list is not just a time management program. For example the memo feature is great for note taking and non-actionable information. My desktop was littered with .txt documents of memos and ideas I didn’t want to forget. The memo function in Swift to-do list means I can consolidate and organize all these memos and ideas into one place and then sort and find them again quickly. I can even attach images, files, emails and links to these notes.

How can Swift to-do list make your life easier?

• You won’t forget ideas, memos or tasks again
• See at a glance tasks in order of importance or most urgent so you use your time more affectively.
• Efficiently manage and organize your time and others. The email feature is great if you want to email a task to a member of your team.
• You won’t forget a task that is nearing the due date. A pop up window will remind you at a specified time and date before the task is due.
• Stay organized by storing all of your tasks, goals, notes and reminders in one place which means less clutter and dis-organization. You can then deploy your to-do list to a USB Flash Drive so your to-do list is always with you.
• Task orientated goals help to reduce procrastination as you know what needs to be done and when.
• Increased productivity and efficiency can save time and money
• Being organized and setting goals is essential to success

Here are just some of the features:

• Arrange and organize tasks and ideas in a tree structure so that related tasks are grouped together.
• Create reminders so you are notified before the due date
• Easily create daily, weekly, monthly, yearly recurring tasks. This is useful if you have a reoccurring task that occurs only every Monday and Saturday for example.
• The program is portable and light-weight – You can easily import, export and print your tasks or deploy them to a USB flash drive
• Great sorting and filtering functionality so you can easily find tasks by keyword(s), priority, type etc.
• Provides extra functionality by allowing you to attach files or email addresses to your tasks
• Track how long you spend on a task
• Automatically saves everything you add with easy undo and retrieval options should you make a mistake
• Add notes quickly by adding multiple tasks at once

There is plenty of free technical support, frequent update and you have a 90 day money back guarantee. Swift to-do list is used by a wide range of people from stay at home mums to NASA scientists so you should find it useful regardless of your background. You have nothing to lose by trying the software.

Swift to-do list comes in three different versions – Standard, Professional and Ultimate. The professional version costs a lot more and is more orientated to team work whereas the standard version more geared towards individual use. If you’re using it for individual use I’m not sure the extra features would justify the price but you may disagree.

Price: Standard: $44.95, Professional: $89.95, Ultimate: $149.95
Download Swift To-Do List Free for 30 Days and recieve $30 off your purchase

Check out my Swift To-Do List video review that demonstrates some of the features of the software and how it works:

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